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                                                                                                           The building is the headquarters of a well- established                                                                                                             company that is a lace manufacturer and exporter. It                                                                                                               is located on a land far from the city centre with a                                                                                                                       lake view but there is no other  construction on                                                                                                                           its surroundings.

          The basic functions of the building are a showroom where the lace produced by company is presented, the private office rooms of the company owners, the office-meeting areas and the food-court for the company employees.

          We have been involved in the project at an intermediate stage where the rough construction of basement floors was in process. Adhering to the existing reinforced concrete structure and axis system, we completed all the facade and interior design of the building. On the ground floor that is organized as a showroom, we have completely changed the design previously planned as a reinforced concrete system and adhering to the existing axis system on the lower floors, we created a new and holistic design with steel construction.

          In the showroom, which is the main function of the building, the lace products are exhibited and the designers from the textile companies that purchase the lace are welcomed. In the showroom, the guests actively spend long hours in which they look over the lace options and work on their designs. In this process, our main goal was to create space alternatives for the users to work effectively both individually and collectively, as well as to help them rest and work in an area dedicated to them.

          We tried to construct the users' journey starting from the entrance of the building and extending to the lake side in a holistic and segmented flow. While the arches, lined up one after the other, as a backbone, divide the space into sections, it also provides a perception of direction and different perspective possibilities that advance the user in the flow of the building.

          The first sections from the entrance to the building welcome the guests. Under the glass vault, the user unexpectedly encounters a living nature section that appeals to all his senses with its dense plants, moist air, scent and even small birds, like a jungle. The guest passing by and touching the plants reaches the showroom which accommodates the working and resting areas. The second glass vaulted section divides the showroom into two and also provides a large meeting space. At the end of the journey, the user encounters a rest area and terrace overlooking the lake view.

          Use of plants is one of the important aspects of the project, both inside and outside terraces. In a location away from the city centre, the building, which does not have a functional relationship with its surroundings and has an inward-oriented lifestyle, establishes its relationship with its natural surroundings and lake view based on its plant diversity and density.

          The language and material choices in the interior design were made in a way to maintain the modern and modest attitude while referring to the strong and established structure of the company. On the façade, aluminium profiles of vintage tones and window glasses of different shades and textures were used. In the details, materials such as brass, marble, glass, wood and velvet fabric dominate the design, forming an elegant integrity. The brass and wood details produced by handwork coincide with the concepts such as care and precision in the company's stance. On the wide surfaces such as floors and walls, rather calm, brutalist appearances were targeted, and concrete and concrete derived materials were preferred.

Antik Dantel







900 m2


Antik Dantel


Ibrahim Ozbunar


Basak Emrence

Safak Emrence

Ece Ilgın Avcı

Murat Çakan

Fatma Altıntas

Cihan Sahin

Çagla Abdu Dönmez

Elif Molla

Ecem Kukul

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