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                                                                                     Being the first branch of an entrepreneur entering the sector for                                                                                       the first time, the store is an artisan cafe-bakery that offers                                                                                                 bakery products which are made the natural, organic and                                                                                                     traditional ways. The bakery offers sourdough breads,                                                                                                             croissants, scones, bagels, muffins, cakes, various vegetable dishes and salads. The brand is named after the owner’s grandmother, because the brand has come to life with Grandma’s recipes.

       In design story, starting with the ‘’neighborhood bakery’’ concept, it’s aimed to maintain comfortable, sterilized and spacious atmosphere without losing the warm, protected and sincere feeling of being in a small place in spatial sensation.

       Brand has an attitude of always keeping the products freshly-baked and diversifying the products that are served at different hours of the day. With this attitude in design process, customer-product relation is considered again and it’s aimed for the customers to be able to reach and engage with the products without any obstacle as far as possible. In this context, it was critical for the front facade to be inviting and constitute connection between the products and customers passing by. The idea of using the front facade as a display window at the same time shaped the design of space setup with regards to coherence of ideas.

       The floor level of the store was lower than the street level and the store had a comparatively low ceiling level, these were the other physical parameters that effected the design. It was aimed that the interiors should have been able to perceived easily from outside, also interior and exterior spaces should have created an integrated concept.

       As a result of all these specifications, front facade of the store that would serve as a display window moved backwards from the neighbor buildings’ facades. This caused the facade height to rise and made it possible for interiors to be able to perceived from outside. The centre section of the facade which had been moved backwards has been moved towards the street this time in a way to make it possible for products to be seen outside easily, and this provided more free space for the part that will serve as a display window.

       Customer’s spatial experience starts from the street and continues without any interruption with the products. The customer, who can observe the products from outside, engages with the products presented on the service trolleys aligned on both sides, as soon as getting in.

Effective criteria in material, color and pattern selections were not only the sense of professionalism of the brand in the store but also the sustainability of warm and inviting atmosphere when the products stand out. Dominance of white in different patterns and materials used in the store supports clean and integrated perception. As warm and familiar materials like solid wood and ceramic strengthen the desired warm feeling in the store. Hand-made and distressed brass details are harmonized with brand’s artisan attitude.


Bakery Cafe






80 sqm


Cey Unlu Mamüller


Aytekin Demircioglu


Basak Emrence

Safak Emrence

Ece Ilgın Avcı

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