The space, within the office,residence and                                                                                     mall complex, is designed as the patent-                                                                                       trademark office of a internationally                                                                                             recognized law firm.

       A refined but dynamic approach that users to feel sense of belonging and comfort, is one of the main decisions affect the concept. Whilst the firm’s corporate and ordered structure refers a systematic plan analysis, the flexibility in common areas formed a base for the working dynamics that supports one another in the office itself.


       It was expected that lawyer rooms’ privacy provided flexibly and the working area of law apprentices to be positioned in a way that contacts the circulation within the office. In this context, all offices positioned in parallel with building’s main transparent facades and remaining volume turned into an area for all employees’ common use and circulation. The border between common area and offices, formed a secondary perimeter in parallel with building’s main transparent facade. This perimeter is built by using sliding panels which are designed with materials that have different opacity levels in a way that users can adjust the privacy level themselves according to circumstances. By this way, it’s provided that natural lighting is transfered to middle area in a controlled manner.


       Whilst secretary’s department is specialised and separated from other areas with semi-permeable bookshelf units, it’s also aimed to sustain volumetric integrity within the middle area. The working area of law apprentices positioned in a way that contacts the circulation within the office and the small meeting unit that employees can meet, are integrated with these semi-transparent bookshelf units. The privacy of meeting room that positioned behind the secretary’s department, is also provided with sliding panels that users can adjust in a flexible way.


       With the sliding secondary perimeter is experienced and contacted by the users, the firm’s principles like productivity and transparency is reflected to the place. The sliding panels that form this perimeter is designed by using materials that have different opacity levels like glass, wood and metal mesh. It’s aimed that white dominated neutral and calm approach to make a balanced contrast with materials like green plants, wood , mesh and colored glass.

Gün + Partners

Law Office




March 2016


320 sqm


Gün + Partners


Safak Emrence


Basak Emrence

Safak Emrence

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Basçavus Sok. Evtas Is Hanı 31/12 34720

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