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                                                                                          “Degaje Showroom”, covers the first two floors with an area of                                                                                            800m² in the building in Merter district of Istanbul.

                                                                                          The process of concept creation by the design team, has                                                                                                      been shaped within the framework of requests for easy                                                                                                          examination of numerous products and combinations of these products and making the time, spent in the venue more enjoyable, compared to common shopping behavior. Along with these requests, the industrial approach of the team both at building and furniture levels, has played a role in the emergence of the concept.

     In the process of examination of displayed products by the user, in order to maintain the continuity of viewing, contrary to modular and interrupted wall units, the design of a continuous suspension system was proposed. Other than this it was contemplated that the standardization in exhibition of different products would hinder the focus of user on the product and a differentiation in height of the suspension units was applied. Therefore, both the exhibition of collection without separation and the individual perception of different products by the user, was provided. In both floors, suspension units, spanning the entire wall, have been designed with this approach. While water pipes and wooden shelves are used in the suspension units in the entrance floor, the suspension units in first floor were made using bent flat steel bars and plates.

      While the entrance floor is used entirely as product exhibition area, in the first floor, there are locations, serving different functions in first floor.

      In the meeting room of 55m², along with private interviews, in order to allow collection presentations, a meeting table is placed in the middle of suspension units. Meeting room is surrounded by glass panels and in the flooring, any difference is avoided and integrity of spaces is preserved.

     Café section, which is consciously differentiated from this integrity, is placed in a 70m² area to allow the users to rest without leaving the location. Café is distinguished with difference in elevation, by preserving visual contact with both shopping section and meeting section.

     Sheet metal wall covers, used in café and meeting sections, ceramic used in the back sides of wall exhibition units and counters and concrete used on the floor create an industrial atmosphere in the location. This industrial approach is preserved in furniture and exhibition units scale. Other than a part of seatings café section, all furniture and exhibition unit in the project were specially designed by project team for this project. 








800 sqm


Degaje Textile


Safak Emrence


Basak Emrence

Safak Emrence

Tutku Sevinç

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