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                                                                                                                      Project is a concept store, prepared for “Vigoss”                                                                                                                          trademark. The area of the store is 200 sqm and                                                                                                                        is located in a shopping mall in the city of                                                                                                                                        Moscow in Russia.

     The design team has focused on a store design, the fact that denim jeans had entered nightlife from day use, and reflecting this issue on the quality of the product, as requested to be emphasized by the trademark. One of the targets, determined by the team in the process of formation of a concept, was to provide the feeling of a special design for the store and also, the ability to adopt the same to different stores, to given the same feel.

     Continuous and uniform series of fronts in the corridor of shopping mall, yields the necessity for the shops to emphasize their presences individually. With this thought, the front was withdrawn by sacrificing store area. Therefore, the store was given an inviting behavior in front of the user.

     With the stepping within the store, the total area was divided to different zones and the division of area to more well-defined zones, was provided. While this zoning allowed presentation of different collections, it also reinforces the perspective, presented by the space to the user.

     Denim wall, which has become a very dominant element of the space both within the space and with outside perception, consists of sheet metals, which are fixed with gussets, which are not in contact with each other. This system, in support of the projections of the team, gives a feeling of special design for this store, and also is a modular system, which may be established at different dimensions, on request. Wall units and middle modules, other than being mobile, have been designed with changeable heights for shelves and hooks, to allow exhibition of products with different sizes.

     Concrete, used as flooring and solid wood, used in middle modules are consistent with the usual perception of denim and brass and lacquer spatially support this product in going beyond day use.

Bulur Tekstil

Moscow Shop


Moscow / Russia




200 sqm


Bulur Tekstil


Safak Emrence


Basak Emrence

Safak Emrence

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