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     The design team aimed to create a location, which will support elements, such as high-end production and material quality and establish a connection between store and exhibited product. Tailor workshops, operating in 1950s, constitute a strong theme for the perception of location, proposed in this project with their customized design and quality understanding.

     In order to provide strong hints to the user concerning the indoors, the side of the store was designed using the materials of that time, such as wooden frames, shutters and elevated display flooring. Coating materials, such as wooden paneling, plaster panels with relief and mosaics are used, and an integrity is provided in the perception of the era, felt starting from the side.

     When deciding for layout indoors, in line with the customized textile understanding of 1950s, it is aimed to provide maximum pleasure to user from shopping experience. Therefore, along with product exhibition units, the placement of a seating section and in the middle of the space, the placement of a table, where the products may be easily examined, was proposed.

     All furniture in the space, has been designed by the architectural team to comply with the consistency with that era. The shelves in the upper part of the product exhibition units, is a variation of shelves, frequently seen in nostalgic train cars. The table in the middle, is provided by pouring concrete in a special mold, made of brass. Brass mirror and coffee table was designed with inspiration from furniture, used commonly in 1950s. Single seats are reproductions of anonymous furniture of the era. Display mannequins, consisting of transmissions, were produced by obtaining a mold from the model.

Appriva Shop







45 sqm


Taypa Textile


Safak Emrence


Basak Emrence

Safak Emrence

Taner Erdogan

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