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                                                                                Within the framework of conversion of a 6-floor building—ground                                                                                      area 60 m² -- whose construction has just been completed and                                                                                          flooring, ceiling and illumination system finalized, the main request                                                                                  was, designing a display and exhibition system with low-cost,                                                                                              which may be implemented in a short time.The team has continued studies by focusing on the search for a shell, excluding everything that may not be altered, which may be implemented easily and at a low-cost.
   Irregular form of existing plan both prevented an uninterrupted circulation and also did not allow the formation of an integral and single sense of space, despite small area. Therefore the shell had to have a form outside of the current external contour, providing continuity. The curved line, consisting of arcs, including niches, added to the main space at irregular measurements with which maximum efficiency is aimed, defined the trace of shell in the plan. 
   The chosen material was PVC pipes, since they address the criteria of low cost and rapid application criteria and also due to their circular forms and formation of a consistent curved line when articulated. Exhibition system consists of uninterrupted product suspension pipe, suspended on PVC pipes, constituting the shell wall and the shelf, following the same line, right above it.
   When the strong effect of the curved line is maintained with the illumination surface on the ceiling--on projection--the counter in the middle of the space--on projection--and the carpet on the floor, former effect of the space had disappeared.
   The products were not exhibited by putting on the mannequins, but by placing them between illuminated three-dimensional letters, forming the trademark, with mannequins attracting attention and then pointing to the products, held by them, and therefore were placed as a part of trademark logo.



Laleli Shop






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Basak Emrence

Safak Emrence

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