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                                                                                                                   The space is based within the headquarters of an                                                                                                                       international shoe brand’s distributor company in                                                                                                                       Turkey and casual shoes are exhibited in this                                                                                                                                 space. The showroom is used for presentation of                                                                                                                       season products to the dealeragents by the sales                                                                                                                       representatives of the brand, in order cycles.​

       Irrational plan of existing space was not convenient for the ‘’main volume’’ feeling that aspired to be created in accordance with the use case of the space. Also, because of having tha main circulation-terrace connection of the building on this floor, expectation of concentration while using would be harmed. In accordance with these inputs, the space is divided with a seperator wall to a main volume that holds the meeting table in the center and to a circulation axis that left behind by the wall and a smaller exhibition space integrated to that axis. 

       Casual category of the brand products that appeal to an active, comfortable and urban life style, served a referance for gathering familiar components which form a platform for daily life activities. Decisions about the materials, designs of the exhibition units used for specialized product groups and movable furniture selections took shape within this approach.

       There were different sub product groups in casual catagory of the brand which vary by classification and count every season. A modular and dynamic shelf system is designed that provides opportunity for sales representatives to organise their exhibition styles by classifying products in an easy and flexible way, and so as to present variability according to different customers, in order cycles. This system creates a pattern on wide side in main volume of the space, even when there are no products or fully loaded. System is created by mounting solid wood pieces which can stay closed and open, to interior wall with a simple mechanism that can turn pivot in front of the wall. This system, which can also used with the purpose of seperating selected/non-selected products by the visitors, strengthen user-space relation from the point of providing opportunity to interactive use. This shelf system is repeated with a variation that creates a semipermeable situation on line of the divider wall which surrounds the main volume. The space gained transparency with this variation at the rate of intensity in closed and open position of wood pieces.


Casual Showroom






85 sqm


Olka Sport


Safak Emrence


Basak Emrence

Safak Emrence

Ece Ilgın Avcı

Pınar Sünbül

Cansu Sezer

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