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                                                                                            To detach the users from the chaotic city life was intended by                                                                                              enriching the experience with fluid circulation which is                                                                                                            created with preferring organic forms in construction                                                                                                              elements and the feeling of "serenity" that accompanies.                                                                                                        Also, flexible usage of the custom-designed movable furniture modules procures the variable space perception and perspectives in the project, which was designed by Zemberek Design for a well-established textile company, Ulupınar Tekstil.

          The showroom areas are designed to host fashion designers of retail brands. The designers, who came for the visit, are welcome to spend long hours here to create their seasonal lines with the pieces they chose among the products on display. By focusing on the designers who are the main users, it was aimed to create alternative working setups that would allow visitors to own the space as their office.
        One of the important design criteria was, to procure the feeling of "serenity" inside in every phase of the visitor experience, in contrast to the dense city pattern that the building appertains outside. At the main entrance of the building, a calm and gentle design was preferred, almost as a messenger of the showroom areas. Throughout the building, it was intended to establish a pleasant circulation scenario for the visitors through the curvilinear walls that do not dictate its route but direct it with its natural flow.
         A completely introverted experience set up was provided by creating a shell that excludes the surrounding city pattern with light-permeable panels. This introverted set up is one of the important decisions of the project, with fluid circulation which is created with preferring organic forms in construction elements and the "fluidity" of the custom-designed movable furniture modules. Furthermore, concepts such as density and complexity were especially kept out of the design process.
          The journey of the users in four main showrooms, which are determined depending on the product variety, has been designed as a holistic and as well as partitioned flow. While these sections are separated from each other by circular plans that are defined in different sizes according to product varieties and quantity, the boundaries of the circular areas are connected to each other by walls that rise and fall in harmony with curvilinear lines completed with transparent surfaces. On the other hand, these transparent surfaces and the spaces between the borders of the circular plans, create a flow that both breathes and incorporates the circulation path into the scenario.
         Main showrooms are designed with interlocking double layered circular schemes that keep the visitor in the center. The outer layer is created with fixed structural elements and exhibition elements integrated into them and the inner layer is defined by exhibition modules moving on a circular track on the floor. The movable exhibition modules on the inner layer are designed in the form of a permeable circle through which the outer layer can be seen as well as they can be combined in the form of a continuous arc that captures the viewpoint of the designer positioned in the center. The intertwined connection formed by the circular layers with each other and with the outer shell enables coincidental perspectives, as well as enriched with plant islands that support the naturalness of the design language.
         The design language and material decisions are developed to reflect the plain and elegant language unity felt in the company's product range. Integrity has been achieved with "simplicity" which is one of the principles of the company and the concept of "lightness" of their products, with the curvilinear surfaces that divide the space into sections and the neutral tones selected in the color palette. Handcrafted custom details designed and the materials such as brass, marble and wood are chosen for exhibition modules diversified as a symbol of the richness and care of the products that are on display. By preferring traditional materials on the floor and ceiling surfaces, the integrity that is aimed for the whole design concept is completed.








1070 m2


Ulupınar Tekstil


Ibrahim Ozbunar


Basak Emrence

Safak Emrence

Ece Ilgın Avcı

Murat Çakan

Fatma Altıntas

Ayse Aybüke Samast

Aras Sahin

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